tiistai 30. huhtikuuta 2013

Create Buzz: Spacebar App

Spacebar is genius app to help artists (and venues) to create buzz. You can podcast your shows live and people who can't attend can listen to them through Spacebar - with high quality. What makes this very interesting is that Kanye West and Lady Gaga just signed their contracts. Read more below...

Spacebar is a great tool share your performance worldwide. It provides tools to understand your fans and people who listens to your live shows. I totally get this for deejays too. Why not podcast your club set to the people all-over the world who just cannot attend the party you are playing at. Right?

You'll get easy Facebook and Twitter likes/follows plus people can tip you so this might even help you generate revenue. We'll see where this goes, but its definitely very interesting concept.

Download App here.

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