keskiviikko 10. huhtikuuta 2013

Mixtape: YNG - No Sleep Till Boogie II

The wait is finally over. Miami rapper YNG finally came through with a sequel to his successful No Sleep Till Boogie album.
I was privileged to work with YNG with the hosting and music selection of my previous Fresh Outta Miami 2 mixtape. He's a really laidback dude and a cool guy. Checking out this mixtape is highly recommended.

“NSTB2” is a testament to a year filled with Rooftop sessions at the Vue after NYPD hassles to battling student loans and family members going away. In conversation I tend to ask myself how to juggle all these thoughts and I think ive successfully done so with this release with features from Quest, Prez P, Mike G, M Cash & more. I now present to you No Sleep Till Boogie II… - YNG

Download now: No Sleep Till Boogie II
Download now: Fresh Outta Miami 2 hosted by YNG and Flyboi

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