lauantai 6. huhtikuuta 2013

Who? Mr. Robotic

He's most known for his work with house-DJ Bam Bam (Beatport-topper Watch The Club Go). You can catch his music on TV every other day. See more below...

You're probably familiar with Mr. Robotic's music if you (or your girl) watch series like CW's Beautiful Life, MTV's Jersey Shore and The Hills. Or maybe you've heard his song on the new Smirnoff commercial?

Artist: Mr. Robotic
Song: Don't Wanna Leave featuring Melody Cross
Produced by: DJ Bam Bam
Buy: iTunes

Artist: Mr. Robotic
Album: As Seen On TV, vol. 2
Buy: iTunes

Seems like you can run but you can't hide from his music. Leave us thoughts!

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