perjantai 14. kesäkuuta 2013

Kanye West is Yeezus. A God. My first impressions of the controversial album.

I am a God. Yeezus. The album has officially leaked. 

So i pressed the play an hour ago. Overall the album is pretty dark and i think the best word to describe the sound is controversial. I would probably expected a happier album from Ye since they are expecting a baby girl with Kim.

There is some very cool moments. Some auto-tune singing, random screaming, nice punchlines. Samples go from reggae vibes to soul - even Pusha T's recent song "Blocka" was flipped there. Chief Keef sung one hook "Hold My Liquor". Music goes from hardcore rap to 808s and Heartbreak to some-very-absurd-music to EDM kind of beats and guitar solos.

You have to hear it to believe it. 

My favorite song just might be "New Slaves" or "Im In It" which is more dancehall/reggae vibe song. This will change a thousand times thou, i already know.

Support KimYe and buy this album June 18 or whenever its out in your country.

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  1. Whoah. Can't believe it leaked. Thanks for the quick review.. WOW.