tiistai 17. syyskuuta 2013

Article: The End of DJing by DJ Zimmie

DJ Zimmie is a well-known and very respected DJ from the United States. Recently he wrote an article about the evolution of DJ culture, music and entertainment. Its a long and very good read to everybody who's interested in what's happening right now in the DJ "industry". He's telling it all and nothing but the truth. I can't say i can disagree - just to be honest.

“One day real soon, all of this is gonna end.  Sure there will be people DJing but it won’t matter.  When all the veterans retire, us, Jazzy Jeff, Rich Medina, Bobbito, Scratch, Prince Paul, all the good music cats, it’s over.  We can’t keep the good music parties going, venues don’t want it because it doesn’t bring a bottle service crowd and all the good music venues are closing.  People bought the buildings on either side of APT in NYC and called in noise complaints until it closed.  Who the fuck does that?!  And all the DJs are becoming interchangeable.  All clubs play the same 100 songs so why pay someone extra because they do it better?  Most of the crowds don’t care anyways.  

Got get yourself a coffee and have a read.

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