torstai 26. syyskuuta 2013

Mixtape: Trinidad James - 10 Pc. WILD

10. Pc WILD is an official remix project for Trinidad James' previous mixtape 10 Pc. Mild. This mixtape is a perfect example of a concept mixtape done very well. Remixes are very trap influenced but still enough hip-hop to not lose the respect of Trinidad James' fans. I think that was the whole point of it all.

Definitely check this out. One of the best mixtapes of the year, in my opinion. brings you another exclusive official remix project with Trinidad James curated by the "CertifedTSO" team and Think its A Game ENT!! The Remix Project will feature some of the hottest Producers & DJ's In the game including M!NT, NEVR, King Dave, Willy Joy, Clicks & Whistles, Protohype, J. Padron, Get Em, Two Fresh & HYDRABADD. 

Download: ClubTapes

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