sunnuntai 18. toukokuuta 2014

Video: Nicki Minaj Performs at Powerhouse 2014

Nicki Minaj took over Powerhouse 2014 and lucky for us full video with decent quality just surfaced. Her whole set was quite hiphop with songs ranging from Lookin Ass to Danny Glover and even Yass Bitch with special guest Soulja Boy.

Hit the jump for video.

Nicki Minaj PowerHouse Set List
“Lookin Ass”
“Danny Glover”
“Did It On ‘Em”
“Beez in the Trap”
“Dance (A$$)”
“Love More”
“Boss Ass Bitch”
“Yasss Bish” feat. Soulja Boy
“Super Bass”
“Moment 4 Life”

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